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Eugen Rochko

Working out the final touches on a set of Mastodon merch. Hopefully it won’t be long now, and I think you’ll like it!

Eugen Rochko
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Chris. R. 🎧🎼☕🍍

@Gargron I still need to get into it. For some reason I just discovered Virus only now, instead of a few years ago...
But it's great Haken as usual 🤟


@Gargron #Haken is amazing! Didn't know about their new album! Listening to it right now, and you're absolutely right, #Fauna is amazing!

Daniel S.

As we they in Germany: Kannste haken! 😉

Eugen Rochko

Getting married tomorrow!

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Nathan Sowder

@Gargron congratulations! I hope it’s full of love, fantastic memories and enriches you’re life beyond all expectations. 🍻

Bean J. Bunny
Eugen Rochko

I'm excited to announce that after hundreds of applications and a long hiring process we've found our new, full-time devops engineer! Welcome on board, Tim!

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@Gargron Hello My name is Katherina Dutchke of German nationality but currently hospitalized in France because of my health
I am the director of mineral water company . I really hope to find a man of god, a believer like me because I have already lost my Marie for 3 years and now we have no children because of my husband's infertility.
I would like to donate 800,000 euros
I can only be reached by email:

Kat ♾️
Eugen Rochko

If Meta is really working on a new ActivityPub-powered social network, I see it as a very positive signal overall--my personal feelings towards Meta notwithstanding. For one, it's validation for our entire ecosystem from the biggest player. It also tells me that they don't see themselves as strong enough to keep users locked inside their walled garden anymore. It means the tide is really turning for interoperable social media, and that's always been the goal.

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@Gargron so what? they were federated years ago with XMPP to boost popularity and finally after achieving goal they did disconnect. dreams are good ;P


@Gargron I've been using 🐳 and am loving it. It's a much easier transition from Twitter, especially for those with #Mecfs and #LongCovid #BrainFog - it's been in beta since February 1st and is rolling!
I hope people don't go to another VC FUNDED PLATFORM like Meta. I won't join a Zuckerberg alternative for twitter.

Mad Sci ∴

Wish I shared your optimism.

Meta are E.E.E. to the extreme. Any innovation that gains traction in any social media platform is immediately cloned by Meta to stamp out the pesky competition before it can get a toehold.

That’s all AP is to them, pesky competition that needs to be wiped out.

Eugen Rochko

About to see Devin Townsend!!

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ok… maybe i shouldn't judge you, these posts really are from the 2010s?

Shaun Burch 🧑🏻‍💻

@Gargron oh man, popping on some Strapping Young Lad in solidarity 🤘🏼


@Gargron one of my favorite live acts, enjoy!

Eugen Rochko

We've been hit by a massive DDoS attack. The site may not work as expected. We're working on mitigating the attack. Fastly are helping us. If in doubt, check for information.

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@Gargron someone must’ve been really upset by my post after today’s outage at the bird app.


@Gargron Is under attack again? The search function is not working for me.

𓃵 fizzily🐐bizina🐐çiya 𓃵


Does it waddle and quack like the RU mafia state?

And they thought turning twtr into their propaganda and terrorist mush via their psycho puppet was going to be enough.

Eugen Rochko is now entirely served from our new #Kubernetes cluster 🎉

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@Gargron Good luck with that. Kubernetes is a pain in the arse


@Gargron like many things about mastodon I have no damn idea what that means


@Gargron that’s cool! But why are you posting literally hundreds of animal messages in a row? Is that necessary?

I am asking for tree lovers! You know, people who like trees more than animals? Never heard of that? See! We need to talk!

Eugen Rochko

We've had over 1.3K candidates apply to the 3 open positions at Mastodon so far, which is very exciting, but getting through them as such a small team is taking its time. Getting somewhere though!

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@Gargron Very happy Mastodon is getting so much attention, but the fact that there are so many free agents in the job market is terrifying.


@Gargron Mastodon is much more optimised for landscape viewing compared to fb twitter and vk.



Tho mass is not class.

Hope you find viable contenders :blobaww:

Eugen Rochko

Post editing is now available for testing in our iOS app's TestFlight!

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@Gargron Would be helpful to include the name of the app


@Gargron Congratulations lil bro.
Mastodon activity is through the roof.
Look at all those crazy starts and boots( or whatever the cringe name).

Eugen Rochko

I haven’t had much time to post because the last 3 months have been absolutely wild in terms of workload. But I’m very excited about how this platform is growing.

Eugen Rochko

I know that there's been intermittent stability issues with and recently. We're working on improving our infrastructure to address this.

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@Gargron can't thank you enough for your dedication and hard work!

Good Think Hunting

@Gargron Hey 👋🏼 I love your content, but I am highly allergic to cathair and therefore do not enjoy the cat content. Is there any chance u bring the cat content on another account?


@Gargron what you do is greatly appreciated. Mastodon is a great platform and you've done a brilliant job with the influx of new people.

Eugen Rochko, and were hit by a DDoS yesterday, thankfully was already behind Fastly so it didn't have any impact on it. We've now moved behind Fastly and will do the same with soon.

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@Gargron 长毛象CEO说最近平台受到攻击,请问,您觉得最有动机去攻击长毛象的,是——

Andrew Hinton
EJ Schenck

@Gargron just saying… our firm has been working with @cloudflare for quite some time and they’re absolutely amazing.

Eugen Rochko

A number of folks have reached out to us over the past few months asking how they could help Mastodon out. Unfortunately, we haven't had the capacity to accept those kind offers at the time.

If you're interested in getting involved as a volunteer, please fill out this form (and share it around!) so we know who could help with what. (There is plenty that needs doing!)

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@Gargron Ich fange niemals an, Fragebogen auszufüllen, wenn ich sie nicht vor dem ersten Ankreuzen/Einsetzen etc. GANZ sehen kann.


It is not very smart to ask for name and email BEFORE seeing the choices. This unnecessarily discourages people who want to participate. Normally, your own data comes at the end.

Here is a screenshot so you can see what you can choose:

Eugen Rochko

I believe might be under a DDoS attack currently, investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Wayne’s The Name!!!

@Gargron if you are pissing off cult of Elon, you’re doing something right.

She Wolf

@Gargron Good to know you are on top of things keep up the excellent job and thank you .


@Gargron this is why need federated platforms. If one is attacked or shutdown, the others continue to work safely.

Eugen Rochko

There are over 700 applications for the open positions at Mastodon. Thankfully we're now joined by @inganomads to help us with the hiring process. And Claire is now full-time!

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Yahia Lababidi

@Gargron @inganomads If you ever need a #writer , with nearly 30 years experience (United Nations, TV, etc…) I hope you’ll keep me in mind 🙏🏼✨

#Fediverse #FediHire #Mastodon #jobs #wednesday #writing


@Gargron @inganomads I suppose you have to pass the Israel test and the Ukraine test if you want in.
This is a political operation, and the world will know.

Sami Seppo ( EN / FI )

@Gargron @inganomads That's good to hear! 👍

An update:
My overtly open application

...for a co-operative partnership/job at/with #Mastodon was rejected for now.

This current feed works as a constantly continuing "CV" for any additional approaches in the future.

Perhaps I'll do certain updates in a form of blog too.

Eugen Rochko
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@Gargron @ivory first time purchase of a social media client. Suggest the subscription that buys extra snacks for the devs 😁

Jamon Bull

@Gargron @ivory It’s so nice. Long time TweetBot user here who’s come over from the sinking ship that is Twitter. Very happy to be here.

Martin Dougiamas

@Gargron @ivory

Options are good, but honestly after trying #Ivory for a few days, I don't understand the hype I'm hearing in my feed. In my eyes, it's just not any better than the official free #Mastodon client, which is absolutely great on iOS.

Thanks @Gargron for the great iOS app, and looking forward to watch it evolve! In the meantime, I'll send you the money I saved on Ivory.

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