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Greg Dzhanelidze

I sure love vacations, it's such an amazing time when you can totally forget about computers and all this nonsense.

I love it so much that when I got to the hotel I got really annoyed by the wifi login form, so I spent time to make sure I never see this stupid form again ever again.

Greg Dzhanelidze

Documentation to obscure Chinese hardware is modern art

Greg Dzhanelidze

Trying out Web Bluetooth API (, and it's absolutely amazing — took me just 10 minutes with Web Bluetooth to do same thing I’ve been trying to do with native BLE API on Android for days.

Why are native APIs so hostile and so lagging behind?

Greg Dzhanelidze

Checked in for a flight, and gotta say I wholeheartedly hate computers

Greg Dzhanelidze

This is one of the best “your mom” jokes that I've seen in a while

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