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Sebastian Lasse,

#Twitter #bluesky with Jay Graber as lead is hiring a protocol developer and a web developer

“[…] We're focusing on re-building the social web by connecting disconnected silos and returning control of the social experience to users. Our mission is to develop and drive the adoption of technologies for open and decentralized public conversation.”


#activitypub #fediverse
cc @activitypub

smallcircles (Humane Tech Now)

@sl007 @activitypub

And the community website has a translation into Arabic. Coincidence, or because it shows from which direction some of the funding is coming from?

All in all: Serious threat to #fediverse in the works here, is my feeling.

Trolli Schmittlauch 🦥

@sl007 Caution though, the bluesky lead seems to be positive towards blockchain pyramid schemes.
So better don't apply if you hate to be involved in that space (like I do).

Sebastian Lasse,


Hello ActivityPub,

some really good news from the EU about the Digital Services Act #dsa

The Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs' amendment 51 basically means that twitter or fb would have to use an interoperable protocol like #ActivityPub also for the _core_ services and not only for e.g. payments.

The full draft is linked here:


Sebastian Lasse,


And there is an event by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection:

In 2 days on Monday, 12.30 a.m. CET
“Digital Services Act - Making the internet fair again
Part II: More liability, less advertising!”

#dsa I am in Strasbourg in the last plenary week, 5th of July and will attend the Press Conference too (in case questions …)

Григорий Клюшников

As someone unfamiliar with EU processes — how far is this from being signed into law? And how much could it be influenced by companies like Facebook at this point?

Sebastian Lasse,

imgproxy is fine.

But what do we do with crossbrowser support for Audio and Video?
And the “different” formats like ogg or mp4 cause hmmmm, well, yeah

Safari ;)


@sl007 for audio, mp3 works on everything and opus works on nearly everything (iirc yes, safari needs it packaged in some container format that isn't ogg). For video, h264+aac in mp4 works on literally everything.

Sebastian Lasse,

I do not know why people use slack.
The icon is boring, they not even have an animal …


@sl007 I think it's a ploy from slack to get people to try teams and see how bad group messaging can be

those of us who think slack threads are horrid will truly be astonished ...

Sebastian Lasse,


my stream is full with the hashtag #apconf2020 no matter what instance.
But when I search for the tag and click it on mastodon, nothing is shown (?)
Is there a current issue ?

Liaizon Wakest

@sl007 when I click on the tag on its full of posts from my instance of one

Sebastian Lasse,

@Gargron I played Deer Hunter 2016 one time with friends. Maybe that counts.And we really tried to make fun –

however greets from

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