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Pixelfed Groups even supports #polls and #events

This opens up so many more federation possibilities 😍

#pixelfed #groups #activityPub

Jakub Klawiter :mastodon:

Is it possible to make pixelfed comments fully support „ż” letter? ;-)


@dansup it's literally crazy how you have implemented and keep on implementing & refining so many features on pixelfed. So much inspiration, dedication. It's more than safe to say it DOES compete with other major platforms. Well done, Dan! 👏🏻


@MotionToExtendDebate thanks, its a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing massive growth this summer in the fediverse!

Григорий Клюшников

How do events work? In Smithereen, an event is just a subtype of group that has tentative membership and additional fields for the start/end time.


@grishka I haven't started the AP logic for this so I will follow what you are doing, yet again 😅

Kudos for pioneering so many iconic activity implementations, and look forward to resuming our Groups dev chats!

Scott Starkey ("he" or "they")


You're totally amazeballs! Thanks for all your hard work!

@dansup this is getting very interesting. Will groups federate to other pixelfed instances? Would they somehow also federate to ActivityPub servers in some form?

@dansup I still can't download it, it says,available soon,you're registered

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