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Caleb James DeLisle

Guess I should make a video on the history of hyperboria at some point...

Caleb James DeLisle

As a citizen of a country which has done some really terrible things in the past, I want to remind everyone that de-platforming citizens because their government is out of control is not brave or powerful. It's like banning Muslims from your shop after a terror attack, don't do it.

In other news, I'll be looking for a new dns registrar, recommendations welcome.

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@cjd cloudns. I hope they will not pull out namecheap
Caleb James DeLisle

People be like "wow you reviewed my code already?"

Caleb James DeLisle

Full #cjdns support just landed in #bitcoin core master 🎉

For bitcoin, cjdns provides a nice middle ground between TOR which is very anonymous but high latency and clearnet where ISPs can trivially block traffic.

Caleb James DeLisle

Hot take: The Fediverse owes more to AGPL than it does to ActivityPub.

Caleb James DeLisle

There are web services that won't sell your data, but there aren't web services that'll go to jail for you.

Caleb James DeLisle

Fediverse: "Google is a monopoly and should be broken up!"

Google: "It has come to our attention that certain apps are being used for hate speech"


@cjd I don't think this is related.
It's more likely that someone reported all non-Gab-blocking fedi apps and then someone at Google without understanding of the context decided to block them.

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