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Looking for suggestions for hardcoded report reasons besides "Other" (catch-all, legacy), "Spam", and "Violation". To clarify, any violation of a server rule would fall under "Violation", so I'm looking for suggestions that are usually not spelled out in server rules.

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Alexa the Catgirl

@Gargron I would add Illegal Content, and a Child Sex Abuse Imagery which immediate blocks public access to the status (deletes from remote instances) until a moderator can review it. If there are concerns about abuse it could require multiple accounts to report (say two or three).


Abusive interaction.

As in the moderator needs to view messages addressed towards the victim in context, not just review a single message for ToS violations.


@Gargron Maybe "Ban Evasion" would be an useful category

Gidi Kroon
Harassment, misinformation, nsfw.

@Gargron "Boundary testing" might be useful. A certain type of person will do that, if you catch my drift, doing things that aren't quite explicitly disallowed to see what they can get away with and how far they can push.


@Gargron Can't think of anything that isn't covered by those three categories.


@Gargron for profile reports: "Impersonation", "Indexer bot" and perhaps "unmonitored bot".
For post reports: "doxing", "discrimination", and "phishing".


@Gargron "inactive account" maybe?
I'm not quite sure about other instances but i tend to vacuum my instance once in a while.

🚂 Bahner

"hardcoded report reasons" wird schwer in ein föderriertes System "hinein" zu interpretieren.
wie viel Zeit hat man sich die Fragestellung durch den Kopf gehen zu lassen?

ana 😼

@Gargron general toxicity, or toxic behaviour


@Gargron An old forum I was in had a rule that said "No posting while drunk" after someone did, so that could be one 😂


@Gargron "Disinformation" is going to have to be a report reason someday, if those automated / state-sponsored campaigns arrive here (they're on most discussion platforms)


@Gargron You should have less report reasons


How about "Extremism" , or
"Absolutism" . Both very good universal things to keep moderated.

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