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I'm curious if I could hear the difference between the HiFi and Master song quality on Tidal on my system. I couldn't find any samples on their site...

Have a Byte of Linux

@Gargron Only if you have 100+ dollar headphones probably...

infinite love ⴳ

@Gargron physically? no. "master" quality generally implies better precision (bit rate = frequency range) and lower noise (bit depth = dynamic range) while applying effects. it produces no audible difference. well, unless you could hear the difference between a jet engine and literally bursting your eardrums.

Pasi Pärnänen 🇸🇪
Simplicity 🕊️

@Gargron maybe placebo. I like a neutral sound, but some mild coloration is helpful and seems to make more of a difference. I guess I'm not really a purist.


@Gargron Isn't that the one with the scammy new audio codec?

Ben Zanin

@Gargron MQA is effectively a marketing scam.


@Gargron Harry Nyquist and Claude Shannon would bet against that.
(I still love TIDAL's lossless HiFi streaming though.)

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