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I'm trying out Tidal instead of Spotify, though I think I will miss Discover Weekly and Release Radar.


@Gargron Consider Apple Music as well~


@ocean I have done the free trial but I need to have it on the desktop as well


@Gargron Yeah it kinda sucks in Web Browser still too

D. with coffee and a mask

@Gargron Bandcamp >>>>>>>>>> all other streaming services that do not pay artists enough money


@Gargron the algorithms aren't as smart as Spotify's but at least the artists will get some money for their efforts.

GMate8 💙💛

@Gargron I want to switch to a privacy respecting alternative, but I can't. Spotify's database is massive, while the others are not.

3D Man

@Gargron I use Spotify for a lot of my personal listening (music & podcasts). I also use as YouTube and Bandcamp. I got tired of listening to my Discover Weekly early on, it was usually a great selection, but the novelty wore off when it started feeling like a barrage of new music that i couldn't keep up with nor fully appreciate. I now go off of recommendations from various sources and albums/songs from memory. This feels more purposeful and exciting to me.

Using Sotify as a listener means supporting the unfairest streaming service that exists. Plus supporting military KI research.
Colin Devroe

@Gargron I switched to Apple Music and I miss Spotify very badly. Their playlists are eerily good.

Mike Flugennock

@Gargron A 1tb hard drive with all my music and movies on it, plugged onto a Macbook Air next to my drawing table, FTW.

Tre Babcock

@Gargron I honestly just couldn't stand the UI. Spotify feels a lot cleaner to me.

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