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@nikitonsky the signs should switch to that while the store is closed


@nikitonsky I would expect a lot more leather in something called 'DS' Store. 😅



If it did, it would be frikin' everywhere.

Russell Garner

@nikitonsky "FFS why is that THERE there's one next to EVERYTHING these days"

Zransgender (also known as "X During Pride Month")

The one thing that'd convince me to turn away from a steam deck is a modern 3ds type console. Two screens positioned the way they are has proven far too cool and useful not only for this device, but also for phones. If someone could please invent 2 screen steam deck, you'd have my money before you asked.

Ben Cardoen

@nikitonsky if only to make Mac users aware of it, and aware of the potential leakage of data when sharing e.g. zipped files that include this 🤔

Meowie Gamer

@nikitonsky which model of nintendo ds do they sell?


@nikitonsky this makes me wanna go back to macOS fjdnxjsjd


I don't see any DS games or consoles in stock...

Zoltán Hosszú

@nikitonsky @gklka It does, it’s just not visible because of the . in front

Chuck Jordan

@nikitonsky it does; hit command + shift + period next time you go to the mall.


@nikitonsky When the city tries to tear it down, it just pops up again. #genius



They pop up everywhere! Like more than Starbucks!

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