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I don't understand why people seem to expect that if they sign up here they must get famous instantly or it's a failure of the platform. Did you not spend years growing your network on Twitter?

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Mark Shane Hayden

@Gargron if you are spending time online "growing your network" primarily for the sake of having a large network then you are doing social media wrong TBH

ᚦᛖᚩᛞᛒᛖᚩᚱᚾ :yikes:

@Gargron I have roughly half the followers here as I do on Twitter (it's taken me years to get to 53 there), but I think some of them are bots. No complaints on that end!


@Gargron I don't understand why people feel they need to be famous


I've updated and to the latest code in the main branch. You can follow hashtags, translate posts, and the UI is the same for logged in and logged out users (though keep in mind the logged out version is not entirely complete).

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Ténno Seremél

@Gargron A random idea I got while browsing Maybe bot posts should be hidden for logged off users :blobcatthinking: There is quite a lot of 'em nowadays.


@Gargron Very much appreciate the translate feature😃


@Gargron Is there any way to see posts for a given tag in the old multi-column design?


I got to use Instagram on my
fiancée's phone for the first time and honestly I'm impressed that so many people use... that.

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@Gargron so many people use it because so many people use it. UX is trash, 2 ad for a post, 2 ad for a story, most of the posts just a Tweet screenshoot etc

Adamas Nemesis

@Gargron I've been underwhelmed myself. And I'm someone who really likes photography and glamorous shots of models and is a rather visual person, so you'd think I'd be gaga for Instagram. Curious.


@Gargron yeah it's pretty terrible. Also the constant ads and "you might like.." it's too much


Every time Musk opens his mouth the universe throws dice for the stupidest shit to come out

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Ian Betteridge

@Gargron He is, though, the perfect example that being rich doesn't make you smart.


@Gargron What you really trying to say is that Musk contradicts the dominant orthodoxy.


Mastodon's database size can often be reduced either through Postgres' VACUUM command or the pg_repack extension, the latter usually being more effective as a lot of the size is in index bloat which VACUUM does not touch. Mind that I do not recommend running VACUUM FULL unless you absolutely need to reclaim disk space on the system.

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We could discuss a period after which photos are automatically deleted 🤔

Baloo Uriza

@Gargron What's the difference between VACUUM and VACUUM FULL?


@Gargron About index bloat, that could also be solved with a REINDEX / REINDEX CONCURRENTLY as well, correct?


The new "select all results matching search" function (in the main branch) is a blessing for dealing with spammers in Mastodon...

Deadly Headshot

Wait, search is no longer limited to hashtag? I thought that was a design decision?


@Gargron And when will this roll out to individual users? Getting tired of seeing casino ads.


The new website delivered by @oakstudios is live (has been for a little while, actually, but I've been working on it still). I think it's the best it's ever been. Check out the branding and about pages too!

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Ekaitz Zárraga 👹

@Gargron @oakstudios why does it have so much support from casino sites?

Leon B. 💯

@Gargron @oakstudios On a browser with #uBlockOrigin installed, I click link, tab opens, tab instantly closes.


@Gargron It's good timing! There may be another Elon-triggered influx of users soon.

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Ukraine War Bulletins and News
The Cobra

@Gargron mastodon can be a full throttle alternative for twitter if some changes incorporated since twitter is not a free space anymore to express ones opinion - specifically it supports fascists

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Chris Wiegman

@Gargron Just started it too... 7 hours remaining on the download according to my phone

Григорий Клюшников

What is this iOS 16 thing everyone is talking about?


@Gargron Thoughts so far? Been using the beta and doesn't seem like anything too special from the last update.


Today morning my fiancée came into the room, said "It's morbing time" and kissed me

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@Gargron my fiancé talks a lot during her sleep and I record the biggest bangers. Recently when I lied down next to her at 2am after a long night of videogames, she wished me safe travels. Another time she pulled the blanket off me and said "I'm the blanket thief"

Ms. Chievous

They weren't lying, building IKEA furniture as 2 people is much easier

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@Gargron It gets even easier if you actually read the instructions! But who has time for that?


@Gargron yes, *as* two people

i love cloning myself to build furniture


The one thing I was hoping to see that wasn’t mentioned was something to capture the night sky #AppleEvent

Dustin Rue

@Gargron the long exposure mode isn’t what you’re looking for?

Григорий Клюшников

Google Camera had astrophotography mode for ages, heh


Biggest crime of Tik Tok was making people believe that vertical video was OK

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@Gargron the biggest crime of Tik Tok is its Text to speech, followed by various food crimes posted on the platform


Let us just hope it does not make it into movie theaters.

Mr. Scott Aron John Reynolds

@Gargron ,Huh ?. !. :/ 🤔

The What Video ?. !. :/ 🤔


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Hypertext Markup Laubstein

@Gargron If you like Tailwind you're going to love UnoCSS ( It basically gives you Tailwind but without the overhead and extremely fast.

Steinar Bang

@Gargron I have #TailwindCSS on my list of things to try.

I'm currently using #bootstrap v4 which is a fundamentally different approach.

Nicol Wistreich

@Gargron so's junk food 🙂 .

(meant in jest, but after years of devs laughing at those of us who use modular PHP CMSs because they're easy, quick (and save many of us learning to code)… I am enjoying how Tailwind has replaced Bootstrap as non-CSS-design-devs go-to tool, as, even though it's verbose & bloatey like Bootstrap, it's easier to make things look nice/as you want).


Not enough people are talking about #Antimai. Beast of an album.


@Gargron hey, not bad at all. Just listened to it. "Strange" music for someone accustomed to rock and metal, but not bad at all. Thanks!

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