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Nick Montfort

My university (MIT) and Harvard just sold their (our?) previously nonprofit online education operation to a publicly traded company for $800 million

Nick Montfort

perl -pE'BEGIN{say"you ok?";$p=" something$/"}$m=$_;s/.*i(\047m| am| was)\b/really/i;s/.*you.*/what about i/i;s/.*always.*/can i be specific/;s/[?.!,].*//;s/\b(i|me)\b/you/gi;s/\bmy/your/i;.2>rand?s/.*/huh/:s/$/?/;($_="you had said$p")if.1>rand;$p=": ".$m'

Григорий Клюшников

Does it run rm -rf /? I would not be surprised if it does.

Nick Montfort

In Brazil's main newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo, I argue that microblogging itself and National Novel Generation Month as initiated by @darius are more important to computer-generated literature than particular technologies like GPT-2 and -3

Darius Kazemi

@nickmofo cc @anna @renatolond and Brazilian fediverse generally!

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